I am not irritated but slightly disturbed, I know this is temporary.  The matter is, surprisingly, everyone whether who is just before me or behind me knows me extremely well then myself.

The habit to always remain calm, and believe in the law of humility keeps my mind in the position of half meditation wherever I used to be.  The law of humility have directed me to avoid or walk away from the feeling of looking at the negativity of the persons surrounding me – whoever they may be, though sometimes it is hard and sometimes impossible.  But after crossing that hurdle, a feeling of reaching next level of better existence seems to be realised.  The focus towards the aim must be simple, it must not be so hard that your surroundings start appearing to be small or you may say lowly.

The surroundings you are living in, are actually the mother of all the creations.  If they mold you into a strong being with all the traits of an exceptional creature, then they are your teachers without faces.  Your chores would bring you to have close interaction with your friends and persons whom you never saw, and they would left such a deep impression in your personality that it would try hard to disturb the equilibrium of your mindset, which is already ensconced well.  For a second you would consider them as your enemy, as anyone who strives to show you the way to inferiority is the real villain in your peaceful life.  The law of humility here interferes and prevents you from developing the thought of enmity and pushes you to focus on the aim for which you have taken birth.

There is no need of support to move, you are not a handicap.  The focused mind must be your hand that always strive to make way from the woods, and take you to the light.  The negative surroundings would squeeze you into the minimum level, but once you get yourself releases from that level, the light you are going to release would be really imposing and enlightening to yourself.



I could see, everywhere

so much rapacity,

so much lascivious,

so much rancour,

and so much envy,

there is so much darkness,

I am blinded by.


I am afraid, they could crush me,

devour me,

and then spit out me,

and shear my probity,


and ravishing shy.


In a next moment,

I would also be,





a being brimming with sly.


Hurtful spectacle everywhere,

Scared, would I be saved,

or, I would be erased.


But I know,

I really know,

I will be saved,

only to be exploited, abused,

and in the end persecuted.


Who will save the sphere?

None other than we,

I am praying to you,

come with me,

come with me,


to make this sphere,

a home without fear.